"I thought it would go away."  

What causes a person not to be proactive and investigate the root cause of their ache or pain?   

Our bodies experience different levels of pain:

Phase 1:  Healthy bodies have the remarkable ability to compensate for the injury and provide you with the illusion that the problem has been "fixed".  When in reality it may only be a temporary resolution.

Phase 2: A nagging cycle of pain/discomfort starts to appear and you mask the symptoms with pain medication or muscle relaxants.   This medication does not address the root cause and is like putting duck tape over the red oil light in your car.

Phase 3:  The pain is severe and chronic yet many of you still hold on to the hope that somehow it will magically “go away".  Fear of the unknown, a limited income or a busy lifestyle may cause you to be reluctant to investigate the cause.

If your vehicle has mechanical issues you take it to a garage for a diagnostic assessment to find out what is causing the problem and then have it repaired so that it operates properly and works efficiently.  So why would you not do the same for your own body.  

I encourage you to take proactive actions and get to the root cause of your pain, especially when you are in phase 2. You will learn empowering strategies for strengthening your body along with how to get back to your pain free daily activities sooner.

Be proactive and take charge of your health!

Your trusted advisor, Dr. Zeya Alikhan B.Sc., D.C.