“I thought it would go away”. The “it” that is being referred to is “pain”. We get injured and feel pain, sometimes the pain goes away and stays away. Often it comes back and remains as a nuisance. Just a lingering nag that doesn’t really bother US too much but restrictive enough to hinder us from doing what we know we should be able to do. UNFORTUNATELY, FOR THE MAJORITY, OVER TIME IT GETS WORSE IF THE ROOT CAUSE IS NOT TREATED.

Pain is our warning system that tells us that something is wrong.

So what is pain? Pain is our warning system that tells us that something is wrong. By learning to listen to pain and dealing with it in an empowering manner we can help prevent many conditions from getting worse. Pain is a symptom that tells us that something is wrong. This is analagous to the red oil light in our car that informs us that we are running low on engine oil.

In an acute situation, when the pain is unbearable it can be advantageous to take a pain pill in order to reduce the symptoms. However, the drawback with this strategy is that it does not address the root cause of the pain. It would be equivalent to putting duct tape over the red oil light and thinking that all is well. One can just imagine that it would not be too much longer before the engine burns out!

I would recommend being proactive and seek the help of a qualified health care practitioner to diagnose the root cause of this pain. It could be as simple as an imbalance within the joints and muscles/fascia. Or it could be symptoms of a condition requiringimmediate medical attention.

In the next article, I will focus more on the potential root causes of pain.

In the meantime, be proactive and take charge of your health!

Your trusted advisor, Zeya Alikhan B.Sc., D.C.